Your ATM card is in danger | 10 tips to avoid ATM Card Fraud

Hey Guys! Today I am going to discuss “10 Tips To Avoid ATM Card Fraud“. Atm card fraud is most common these days.

While reading Newspaper or watching Television, you might have read or watched about atm card frauds in your state, city or even in your locality.

Hence in order to safeguard you from such mishappenings, I will share some practical tips to protect yourself from fraudsters. This article is short and a must-read.

By reading this article you will know the ways to secure your debit cards and credit cards.


Tips To Avoid ATM Card Fraud

  1. Make sure to sign your ATM card on the backside.
  2. Change your ATM PIN from time to time.
    Bonus Tip: It has been observed that people do not change their ATM PIN for many days, months and years. Let me tell you, the risk of fraud in such cards is too high.
  3. Never keep your ATM card and ATM PIN together.
    Bonus Tip: Never write your ATM pin on the card. Try to remember the PIN number. Never keep the PIN number similar to your date of birth because such PINS can be easily hacked.
  4. Never tell ATM card number or your PIN number to anyone.
    Note: Even if someone claims to be a banker and asks you for your PIN, do not tell him/her.According to RBI guidelines, a bank can never ask its customers for his/her ATM PIN through phone, email, message or any other means.
  5. While you are using the ATM, do not let any other person come to the ATM cabin. 
    Bonus Tip: If this happens in any situation and you think that someone has seen your PIN, please change it as soon as possible.
  6. Always hide the ATM keypad with your hands so that no one can see what PIN you are entering, nor can they guess your PIN number.
  7. Never throw your transaction slip inside the ATM cabin, because you have a lot of banking details on it. 
    Remember: Many people come to ATM, so if your transaction slip falls into the wrong hands, it can be misused. If you are doing so then make sure to tear the entire slip into several pieces.
  8. After doing any transaction from the ATM, stay with the ATM till the machine show you welcome message again. 
    Bonus Tip: Sometimes people go in hurry after doing their transaction, In some critical situation their transaction process may not be completed due to the slow working of the machine.In such a situation, if any wrong person comes to the ATM after you, then he can misuse your ATM information.
  9. Never swipe your card at a shop that looks suspicious. 
    Remember: It may be noted that, In some shops, suspicious machines are installed in which card reader has been embedded to steal your information.
  10. As soon as you get a new ATM card, destroy your old card immediately. 
    Note: Register your mobile number with the bank account and enable the SMS alert, It can help you find out if there are any suspicious transactions.

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