How To Secure Blogger Blogs? Top Tips To Secure Your Blog In 2020

Hey Guys! Today I am going to discuss “Top Tips To Secure Your Blog In 2020“. This guide is going to be simple and easy to understand. By reading this article you will know the ways to secure your blogs, usefulness of Https and the method to add Https in blogger blogs or websites.

How To Secure Blogger Blogs? Top Tips To Secure Your Blog In 2020
Top Tips To Secure Your Blog In 2020

We all know that Blogger is a service provided by Google so that you can create your own identity on the Internet by creating your blog for free.

Now because Blogger is a product of Google and Google also focuses a lot on its security, it is very difficult to hack Blogger but as it is said that its security is in its own hands.

Therefore, you should also do all things from your side so that your blog is secure and if there is no problem on your blog, then you must have heard about https, which you can apply on your blog to make your blog secure.

What Is Https and How to Secure Your Blog In 2020?

Https means HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. The letter ‘s’ in Https denotes Secure. It secures your blog/website so that no one can steal your blog’s/website’s data.

It makes your blog safe from hackers, stealers and phishers.  It protects the data of users from being leaked over the internet. Hence it is always mandatory to protect your blog/ website with “https” rather than non-secured “http” connections.

How to add Https in Blogger Blogs?

It is very easy to add Https Security to Blogger Blog, you can secure your blog by just following some basic steps:-

Bonus Tip : https service is free for Blogger Blog.

Step 01: Log in

First, you need to login to your Blogger’s dashboard.

Step 02: Settings

After the Dashboard opens, Go to Settings from Left Sidebar.

Step 03: HTTPS

Now scroll down and go to HTTPS.

Step 04: HTTPS Redirect Settings

Under HTTPS redirect option you will get an option of ‘No’ as shown in the image, Now change the setting from No to Yes and  Click Save Changes to save the setting.

Hurray! You have done it.

Now your blog/website is 100% safe and secured.

Now Https has been added to your Blogger Blog. If you open and check your blog, then you will see Secure written in front of your website URL, which shows that your website is fully secured.


You can secure your blog by adding https to your Blogger Blog. So if you use Blogger, then you can use this service for free and can secure your blog.

I hope that the information I have shared with you will be very useful for you and you will be able to secure your Blogger Blogs easily.

Now if you have any query related to Blogging, you can also ask me in the Comment Box.

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