How to save mobile battery? Tips to Save Battery

How to save mobile battery?

Friends, are you bothered by your phone’s wasteful battery life? Do you feel weird when you take out half a kilo power bank in hand?

In today’s post, I’m going to tell you some of the tips that you can use to get your Phone Battery fully functioning for your benefit. So let’s see some special Battery Saving Tips For Android.

Tips to Save Battery
Tips to Save Battery

Friends, there are different types of features in our mobile today, Battery is very well, many of the great processors are engaged, but the way to use our everyday phone has become something that we feel is that in our phone Battery Is lacking. 

In the evening, you get 10-15% battery warning, then we have to put together a Power Bank or Charging Socket where your phone can be easily charged But here’s something I’ll tell you the simple tips that you will use if you are using Battery Waste of your phone and you are using it for your benefit, let’s see the mobile How to save battery?

And you would never say that the battery of my phone runs out quickly.

1. Turn off unwanted sounds & vibration:

Turn off unwanted sounds & vibration

Turn off unwanted sounds & vibration




Friends, here you now have to stop some extravagant Sounds & Vibration of your phone such as – Lock – Unlock Sound, Dialer Sound, Touch Sound, Touch Vibration etc. All these Extra Sounds, Vibrations will stop you from doing so, you will also get a good experience and your phone’s battery will also be saved. 

2. Never use Live Wallpapers:

Never use Live Wallpapers

Never use Live Wallpapers

Friends here, from the next tip, that is from Wallpaper. You do not have to use Live Wallpaper on your phone any time. 

Believe it, the Live Wallpaper looks great but it also eats your phone’s battery. You have to always use a plain wallpaper which will help your battery to grow. 

Always use plain wallpaper for this.


3. Disable auto updates of apps:

Disable auto updates of apps

Disable auto updates of apps

Here’s the other tip that is about Apps Update. If you go to the Play Store, if you have selected the App on Auto-Update, they automatically start updating. 

When this happens, when your phone has low battery and your apps are updated at that time, your phone’s battery is spent on extra frustrations. 

Keep auto-updates off for this and whenever you are at home and have a phone charger, manually update it in the Play Store. 

4. Always keep your phone’s radios off :

Always keep your phone's radios off

Always keep your phone’s radios off

Friends, there is a main network inside your phone, which is your SIM, but there are lots of networks besides – WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC etc. 

In such a way, we leave or leave without knowing or unknowingly. 

You are far away and not too far away from WiFi, but still your phone’s Wifi is on that, you had to turn on somebody to turn on a file transfer but after the work was completed you Has not turned off its Bluetooth, NFC On is on your phone. 

Now you have to see that any type of network you have in your phone that you use, sometimes when you need them, only keep them on the go, do not keep them in the spare.


5. Turn off Auto Brightness and set screen Timeout:

Turn off Auto Brightness and set screen Timeout

Turn off Auto Brightness and set screen Timeout

Friends, the next option here is to take your phone’s screen. You have to keep your phone’s Screen Brightness down and do not have to use Auto-Brightness. 

In the Auto-Brightness, your phone’s Sensor work is taken, so that she sees how much light is nearby, then it automatically adjusts your phone’s Screen Brightness, which affects your phone’s battery and runs less. 

So always do Brightness more and more by yourself. Now it comes to the time of the screen timeout that means that the light of your phone will stop. 

If you see many times, you get this time 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 10 minutes etc. And if there is no notification on your phone then the phone’s Screen (2 minutes, 4 minutes, 10 minutes) remains burning. 

In this case, your phone’s battery is consumed, so keep it for 20-30 seconds.

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