Do You Know Top 10 Indian Tech Bloggers who write in Hindi/ Hinglish 2020? If not then read this article.


Do You Know Top 10 Indian Tech Bloggers who write in Hindi/ Hinglish? 

Top 10 Indian Tech Bloggers
Top 10 Indian Tech Bloggers
Hey Guys, there was a time when no Hindi content was available on the Internet. If we used to do some search in Hindi, we would not get the right result. 
But now the time has changed. The importance of Hindi has increased. Now if you search for something in Hindi, then its result is absolutely right. 
Let me tell you since Hindi support has been made in Google ADS. The number of Hindi bloggers has increased since then. Now AdSense supports both Hindi and Hinglish.
Therefore, the number of bloggers has increased very fast in both languages. 
Today I will tell you about Top 10 Indian Tech Bloggers in this post, who are very popular and trustable. You can read their posts by visiting their blog.
Let me tell you, their posts are absolutely unique. And are also enlightening. First, they do good research and after that, they write posts. So that’s why their blogs have the absolutely correct and necessary information.
As I have told you that there is an increased number of bloggers in Hindi and Hinglish in this modern era. 
But Hindi tech blogger is still less. And whatever is there, it is very happy to find out who among them gives the right information. 
In such a situation, I am going to tell you about the top 10 Indian tech bloggers today. Those who post correct information in their blog. And also help their visitors completely.
In today’s time, the number of Hinglish bloggers is increasing rapidly. I want you to write posts in both Hindi and Hinglish. Because visitors/readers also like to read articles in Hinglish. 
And they get the facility to read and comment posts in their language. In such a situation, the Readers also get the solution to their problem by commenting with the administrator.
In this post, I will tell you about the Top 10 Hindi and Hinglish Tech Bloggers. 
But here I am giving the list of Top 10 Tech Bloggers, it is neither on the basis of Alexa’s ranking. Not on the blog’s Earning or Subscriber basis. And for the promotion of neither, here I have prepared the top 10 list with the content, popularity and personal experience of the blog. 
So, friends, know about the top 10 Hindi and Hinglish tech bloggers.

Top 10 Hindi & Hinglish Tech Bloggers

1) Support Me India

Support Me India is a very popular blog. The administrator of this blog is Jumedin Khan. 
If you are a new blogger and want to learn blogging then this blog is best for you. 
In Support Me India, you will find all the posts/articles related to blogging. Here you will find Blogging, YouTube, SEO, WordPress, AdSense, Etc. All types of information related to Zumedin Khan shares his income report here. 
Apart from this, all the special and good thing about this blog is that, if you ask any question through comment or mail-in Support Me India, then you get full help from them. That is, the answer comes in the proper way.
Support / India’s Admin / Owner is Jumeidin Khan. And Jumedin Khan started  Support Me India on 17 July 2015. 
The administrator of Support Me India, Jumedin Khan is from Alwar Sahar in Rajasthan. Alexa Ranking of Support Me India – 9,237 in India. And the global ranking is 98,283. 
So Support Me India is one of the most popular tech blogs in India. If you are new, then visit their website/blog once. Click on the logo of Support Me India to visit.

2) Hindi Me Help

Hindi Me Help is also a popular and popular Hindi / Hinglish Tech blog. Its founder means that the administrator is Rohit Mevada. 
In his blog, you will find posts like Blogging, SEO, WordPress, YouTube, as well as Internet tips, social media, motivational success stories, make money online (how to earn money online). 
According to the name of his blog, his work is also best. They definitely reply to the comments of all. If you have any questions, you can ask them by commenting, emailing, or joining their Facebook group.
Rohit Mewada hails from Bhopal city of Madhya Pradesh state of India. Speaking of Alexa ranking of Hindi Help, India has 15,046. And the Global ranking is 1,81,582. 
Rohit Mewada started Hindi Me Help on 20 February 2015. There is also an Android app of Hindi Me Help. 
If you are a new blogger then definitely win on Hind Me Help and also download the app. To win on the blog, click on the logo of Hindi Help.
Visit: Hindi MeHelp 

 3) Hindi Stock

Hindi stock is also a tech blog. Its founder is Dev Rathore. Dev started Hindi stock in September 2016. 
It has not been much time yet. But he has also grown very fast. In his blog, you will find Blogging, WordPress, AdSense, YouTube, SEO, Make Money Online, Android Tips & Tricks, Etc. You will get such information.
Alexa ranking of Hindi stock is 68,000 in India and 10,02,905 in Global ranking. 
Let me tell you, Dev is from Sriganganagar in Rajasthan. And if you have not visited their blog yet, then visit now.
Visit: Hindi Stock

 4) Shout Me Hindi

Shout Me Hindi is India’s very popular Hindi tech blog. Its administrator is Harsh Agrawal. 
Harsh Agrawal is a very popular and famous blogger of the blogging industries of India. 
Shout Me Hindi was started by Harsh Agarwal on 15 June 2015. And today this blog has become very popular and best in the field of tech. 
Harsh Agarwal is a resident of Delhi, the capital of India. If we talk about Alexa Ranking, India now has 16,520. And 1,96,647 in the global ranking. 
You will get Blogging, Internet, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Etc. You will get related posts/articles and tips.
Here you will find the best quality content in Hindi. Apart from this, Harsh Agarwal has many more blogs. 
They share their income report in Shout Me Loud. Apart from this, he also has a company called Shout Dreams. And they also do blogging training. 
He also has an Android and iOS application of Shout Me Hindi. You must visit their blog.

5) Tech U Help

Tech U Help is a Hindi tech blog. Its founder is Anoop Kumar. Anoop Kumar started his Take You Help blog on 29 December 2016. 
In taking You Help you will find posts like Mobile Tips, Tech Tips, SEO, Banking, Jobs, etc. Apart from this, you will also get information about WordPress, Blogging, YouTube. 
If you also have a YouTube the channel, then your blog can be very helpful for you.
Let me tell you, Tech U Help also has a YouTube channel called “Kaise Kaise Sikhe”. 
You can learn a lot by going to their channel and watching their videos. His blog ranks 12,210 in the Alexa ranking in India and 1,99,188 in the global rankings. 
Visit Take You Help. Click on their logo to visit.
Visit: Tech U Help

 6) My Big Guide

My Big Guide is a Hindi blog. Its founder is Abhimanyu Bhardwaj. 
On his blog, you will find posts and tips like computer, internet, software, technology, social media, etc. Apart from this, it offers software courses, hardware courses and many other courses in Hindi. 
You can get information about many more topics in My Big Guide because they cover many topics in their blog.
The Alexa ranking of My Big Guide is 8,342 in India. And the global ranking is 1,34,890. 
Abhimanyu does not share his income report, but there is a lot to read in My Big Guide for readers. 
So if you are a new blogger or a new visitor, then definitely visit My Big Guide.
Visit: My Big Guide

7)Tech Sandesh

Tech Sandesh is also a Hindi tech blog. The administrator of the Tech Message is Nitesh Rathore. 
Nitesh’s blog is related to Tech News. Here you will get every news related to Tech. Understand this is a tech news portal. 
Here you will get all kinds of information related to mobile, telecom, gadgets, etc. Tech Sandesh has an Alexa ranking of 4,86,076 in India and 1,26,56,257 in the global rankings.
Apart from this, Nitesh works with his tech message as well as for the famous tech blog Phone Radar. 
If you want to know the latest Hindi Tech News updates, or to know about the updates of Mobile, Telecom, Gadgets, then you can visit the Tech Sandesh Blog.
Visit: Tech Sandesh 

8) All Tech Info

All Tech Info is a Hindi blog that was started in 2015 by Sooraj Deshmukh, who lives in the state of Maharashtra, India. 
In this, you will find Blogging, SEO, Technology, Photo Editing, Internet, WordPress, Etc. Will get to know about The template of his blog is also simple and nice. 
There is a lot to read in All Tech Info for readers. However, Suraj does not write posts continuously. And now there is a need for improvement in his blog.
Suraj does not share his income report. But their effort is good. And these posts also write well. 
The Alexa ranking of All Tech Info is 2,66,324 in India and 26,40,500 in the global ranking. If you are new, then definitely visit All Tech Info.
Visit: All Tech Info 

 9) Hindi Tech Tricks

Hindi Tech Tricks is a very good tech blog. The administrator of this blog is Prakash Kumar Nirala. 
Prakash writes all posts in Hindi / Hinglish in his Hindi Tech Tricks blog. 
In his blog, you will find posts and tips about technology, computers, social media, blogging, apps, etc. The template, design, look, and interface of his blog is very simple and good.
He writes all his posts well. So that readers are easy to understand. 
Alexa’s ranking of Hindi Tech Tricks is 34,067 in India. And 5,37,980 in the global ranking. 
Prakash hails from Bihar. And runs a coaching institute there. You must visit his blog once. 

10) Any Tech Info

Any Tech Info was started by Ravi Kumar Sahu on 27 February 2016. 
He writes all the posts in Hindi in his blog. 
In his blog, you will find Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Tips & Tricks, Technology, Make Money Online, Social Media, Etc. You will find posts like this. 
Any Tech Info’s Alexa ranking is 28,466 in India. And 4.72.038 in the global ranking. 
Ravi Ji is a resident of Bihar. And he has risen very quickly in the blogging industry by working hard in his blog.
Let me tell you, Ravi loves to help people. So if you ask any question related to Tech, then Ravi replies immediately. So if you have not yet visited the blog of Any Tech Info, then visit now.
Visit: Any Tech Info
Final Words
So, friends these were 10 Hindi tech bloggers, I have made this list according to my experience. 
I may have missed many more popular blogs. But I will definitely add them in my next post. I hope you liked this post. 
If you like, then share this post with everyone. If you have any question or suggestion, you can tell us by commenting. 
We will definitely reply to all your comments. Apart from this, FOLLOW Tech Hub. So that you will continue to get information about all our new posts.

Thanks for giving your precious time to read the post.

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