What is ATM CARD ? Difference between Visa,Rupay and Mastercard

In today’s time, every work is being cashless. Everybody is connecting to the Internet and Digital India has a great effort where the person is doing his maximum work online.

Today, it is a matter of buying mobile recharges, bill payments (electricity, water, gas bill), shopping online or shopping in the shop, online payment is being made everywhere or a debit or credit card is being used everywhere.

The more people log in using their ATM card (debit card). Have you ever noticed that a MasterCard, Rupee or Visa card is written on every debit card, even if it is from any bank?

In this post, you are going to learn what is the difference between Master Card, Rupay Card and Visa card. MasterCard and Visa Card came earlier while Rupay Card was later brought. First of all, know what the ATM card is?

What is ATM Card?

What is ATM Card?
What is ATM Card?


It is a payment card that is given to the client by the bank.

Using it, customer can withdraw money (withdraw), check account balance, or get the statement of account.

To get an associate degree ATM card, the customer needs to apply in his bank branch.
The full style of ATM is cash machine Machine.

Earlier customers had to go to the bank to get money out of the bank account, then had to fill the form and then have to go on the line then the money was received, but this process caused a lot of customer loss and there was also trouble for the bank. 

Due to all these reasons, the ATM Card was brought by the bank, so that the problem could be solved.
When you apply for associate degree ATM card, the bank offers you three sorts of ATM cards that area unit MasterCard, Rupay Card and Visa Card.

What is MasterCard?

What is MasterCard?
What is MasterCard?


MasterCard is an American Financial Services Company. Its main business is to process payments in the middle of merchants’ bank issuing aur card. MasterCard is a foreign payment gateway that offers almost all the banks’ ko payment facilities.

MasterCard additionally problems 2 kinds of ATM cards: revolving credit and MasterCard.

What is Visa Card?

What is Visa Card?
What is Visa Card?


The Visa Card is additionally a payment card, which you can easily make payments in the world, which is run by the Visa Inc. company.

Visa card offers 2 kinds of ATM cards, Debit Card and Credit Card.

What is Rupay Card?


 What is Rupay Card?
 What is Rupay Card?

Rupay is AN Asian country Domestic Card issued by National Payments Corporation of India.

This is a domestic card which may be used solely in an Asian country.
Rupay card is available only as a debit card.

Earlier, there have been solely MasterCard and Visa cards, and it is a foreign company (American) whose processing is also very much, hence the card was introduced by the company on
26 March 2012.

Note: there’s no important distinction between Visa card and MasterCard.
Both square measure international cards which may simply be simply paid anyplace within the world.

What is the distinction between MasterCard, Rupay Card and Visa card (MasterCard, Rupay Card and Visa card)?

Visa Card
Visa Card

Rupay Debit Card is an Indian Domestic Card which can be used only in India, while MasterCard and Visa Debit Card can be used in India and any other country in the world.

On transferring from Rupay Debit Card, the bank has to pay the payment gateway to the processing gateway, because it is at the domestic level, the same is required to
pay the process fees once paying with MasterCard or Visa positive identification.

For joining a foreign payment network, such as a MasterCard or Visa Debit card, the bank has to pay a quarterly fee whereas no fee is paid for the Rupay card.

Rupay card only offers debit cards, whereas MasterCard and Visa card both offer debit card and credit card. Hence, there are some limitations for transferring cards to Rupay.

In case of security, the Rupay card is safer than the International Card (MasterCard and Visa Card) as a result of its transmission is restricted to the Republic of India solely.

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